Christopher Ryan

June 2019​​

Christopher's new album "As I Walk" is out now!  Check out your favorite download or streaming site for the album!

New video coming soon!

Videos from the Dickens Opera House show are on facebook!  Check them out at:

New video posted for "Lullaby."  Check it out on Christophers YouTube Channel!

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Christopher Ryan is a Rocky Mountain folk-rock musician whose live performances demand to be heard.  He brings unique sounds to the stage with his cigar box guitar, djembe, vocal harmonizer, acoustic guitar and live looper.

Christopher's music has been played on more than 40 radio stations in 10 countries.  He has performed for the Rocky Mountain Loopfest, the international One Month Festival and been a featured artist on the HooDoo Music podcast and the Mike Kara radio show.  In 2019 he was interviewed for the internationally syndicated Beth Williams Indie Americana Radio Show. 



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